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Metropolis Contemporary is a not – for – profit art gallery set to promote emerging underrepresented artists and to fight social, gender and racial inequalities in the art world. Emerging artists need a safe space to experiment and to present their work. They need advise, support and access to opportunities. Metropolis Contemporary aims to provide emerging artists with the tools they need to navigate a career in the art world.

Through a curated programme of exhibitions and events, Metropolis promotes social engagement through art. It aims to provide representation for marginalised community, to trigger a dialogue between different cultures and to creatively tackle social and political issues.

To support emerging artists and to facilitate access to creativity it means to be a part of social and cultural progress. Metropolis Contemporary wants to inspire a new generation of art collectors by actively promote exchange and dialogue with the artists. Ultimately, Metropolis Contemporary offers affordable artworks and payment plans to ensure accessibility for a larger part of the population. 

We are a business with purpose

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise. Profits from sales are re-invested in our mission.

We do our best to be sustainable

We use environmentally certified recycled paper and we print with premium quality vegetables based inks. We choose green suppliers and recycle all our waste products. 

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