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What is this all about?

Metropolis is a fanzine, a curatorial concept, an artistic hub, a wannabe art gallery.

It’s an ongoing project with no labels nor boundaries. 

Metropolis is a space of freedom where everybody engages with creativity in their own way. 

In our view, the ultimate meaning of the artistic practice is to stimulate critical thinking and foster social progress.
Art must raise questions rather than give answers for it has the power to open minds and inspire people. 

Social engagement through art is our mission. Storytellers and jesters our masters. Beauty our sacred value. Sharing ideas our final purpose.


Noura Tafeche: I wanna be a serial prankster

ALO: a bridge across two worlds

Sinta Tantra: making life better through art.

Jacoba Niepoort, her walls across the globe and her indoor Mural Festival

Slightly Out of Focus: an insight on Eliana Marinari‘s work

Collective memories and fake news: an inspiring chat with Angela Kaisers


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