About us


I’m Ella, the Director of Metropolis Contemporary. 

I am a curator with 10 years of experience in the contemporary art field. I am from Milan, Italy, where I managed an art gallery focused on Contemporary African Art for two years and run a cultural association focused on public art for five. 

I have been living in Brighton, U.K., for almost 3 years. Brighton broaden my perspective on life and art and it inspires me everyday.

I decided to open my own art gallery because I believe in the power of art for social change. Metropolis showcases the work of international emerging artists in order to promote a dialogue between different cultures. Metropolis is also committed to challenge inequalities within the art world and to support underrepresented voices. 

We are a business with purpose

Our mission is to promote emerging international artists and fight social, gender and racial inequality within the art world. For this reason we propose a diversified programme of exhibitions and events that aim to create a dialogue between cultures and communities.

We do our best to be sustainable

We use environmentally certified recycled paper and we print with premium quality vegetables based inks. We choose green suppliers and recycle all our waste products.

We donate

A percentage of our monthly sales goes to The Hummingbird Projects. A local charity that protects and support young refugees.

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