Art Club Takeover: Group Show

The Art Club Collective celebrates its 20th anniversary with a group show at Metropolis from 13 to 23 May.

🎨 PRIVATE VIEW/ OPENING NIGHT 🎨 Friday 13th May @ 6pm
🥂 Open bar from 6pm
🥁 With live music from drummer…. Rhino FunK

The Artists:

Anna Clarke

As an established Brighton artist since 2000, Anna has always had a passion for painting and drawing, often mentoring aspiring creatives. Working with various materials and acrylics, she creates imaginative and engaging pieces. Her latest works are inspired by the natural world, indeed the animals evoked can all be found in the British Isles – staying with her from childhood memory. Each collage is created using an array of fabrics, paper and textures to give her distinctive works a real presence, the essence of each mystical being – captured for the viewer. 

Glow White Ceramics 

”I find solace in geometry; creating sharp lines and resilient shapes. There is a calmness too in lighting candles in the darkness, the internal shapes in each form projecting around you. For centuries, sacred geometry has connected people to spirituality and I feel this too when intuitively, I am building these works. The elements of nature in their pure forms; Water, Earth, Fire and Air are all present here, fundamental to us all.”

Gypsy Disco Headwear

Sassy flower headwear to invoke that free, fun-loving spirit in all of us. Each head dress is hand crafted in Brighton, and is one of a kind with it’s own unique quirks. Taking inspiration from the beauty of the Sussex countryside, the artist uses material sourced from local suppliers. 

Nic Gardner

Nic Shep Gardner is a fine artist specialising in painting, printmaking and mixed media collage. Using reclaimed materials and salvage, Nic’s new body of work ‘Hello Wren’ is a personal response to the themes of displacement, diaspora, migration, renewal, revival and rebirth. 

Wandering by Creations

”I’ve come to an understanding with my work, that there is very much a sense of walking through tall grass fields and woods. I listen intently to the birds; the skylark’s acid house chirruping, the twitter of wrens and robins, the bees too – buzzing in dappled light under the trees. My paintings recreate these feelings, of the nature I feel within and how it has always been part of my life.”


Sanders’ work is created in an intuitive, instinctual manner and has often been exhibited under the banner of Brut, Outsider, or Singular Art. He often uses found natural objects, repurposing materials to transform them into a strangely potent state of being, a unified whole where every element retains its unique identity and history. The resulting installations are monumental, often taking the form of an altar or shrine – often ritualistic but at the same time, anarchic, non-conformist, disputing the religious readings of his iconic contents.

The work is imbued with a powerful significance, referencing a vast range of visual languages and anthropological connections to pull the past into the present and frame the essential questions of existence

In recent years his output has developed into the creation of large scale environments, often constructed in modular form and combined with live performance and sound art to create immersive experiences. It is in a strange dichotomy that Sanders’ work exists –  an oddly comfortable limbo between the obscure and the precise, the mysterious and the tangible, forcing us to turn inward upon ourselves, disquieting and yet reassuring in the very same breath.

Christina VanderAue 

”During the last few years, we have developed a renewed appreciation for the natural world. Just being in the moment, allows us to be surrounded by nature’s movement and flow. The shapes created in my collages, and equally the spaces between these shapes represent these emotions. I have always enjoyed art and design, and it is my meditation – powering my life, with nature at the forefront.” 


Wintz, who has been drawing his whole life, is a gardener by trade. His daily immersion in the gardens and woodlands of the South Downs and his love of nature and plants heavily influence his work. He follows the seasons, his drawings morphing plants and landscapes into abstract forms. Entwined within this too, is a deep love and interest in mystical traditions, psychedelic experience, witch craft and folklore. These experiences come alive in the detailed pen work of his drawings. Wintz intention therefore, is to form connections between mystical nature and human culture – in the hope that new ways of being, thinking and seeing can emerge. This in turn has possibilities – to create a less divisive, more enlightened and open-minded way of living for the future. 

Other influences include; Graffitti, Hip Hop culture, electronic music and the natural sciences – his works notably used for record cover art and radio promotion. 

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