Mohamed Samir

To me, being in love with Graffiti means to do a lot of thinking about calligraphy. Graffiti artists are able to reduce the visual code to its basic structures such as lines, points, colours and they are able to re-think the space in terms of solids and voids, in order to de-compose and reconfigure the letters. Their efforts in finding always new ways to re-arrange and mix the signs that are the very fundamental of our language, never ceased to impress and surprise me.

Mohamed Samir, multidisciplinary designer is taking this whole process one step forward. Working with the arabic alphabet, he is transforming letters and words in tridimensional geometric forms. The two series of posters “Typosters” cannot be considered just a typographic success, they are for all intents and purposes artworks. Mohamed Samir transforms the signs giving them a material existence, a weight, a shadow. The transformation enhances the forms, they inhabit the space, they reclaim a presence. But this transformation can go even further.

Even when they are treated as simple signs, letters cannot be parted from their semantic value. Therefore, redefining the sign inevitably brings into consideration its meaning. It is a common opinion that our language can be problematic, sometimes because it is just outdated, too often because it is used to perpetrate social injustice. Mohamed Samir is able to approach the sign in such a unique way, that his work can inspire us to be as much creative in re-thinking our language. The Typosters Series are a perfect example of how art is able to spark critical thinking and eventually foster cultural progress.

Eid – Greeting, Typoster series 01. Courtesy of the Artist

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Poster – 0X, Typosters series 02. Courtesy of the Artist
Good Bye – Ma’ Alsalamah, Typosters series 02. Courtesy of the Artist

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