Code of Ethics

The purpose of this code of ethics is to create a safe space for the artists we collaborate with.

1. Metropolis has a zero tolerance policy for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, classism, abilism and any other form of discrimination.

2. Metropolis guarantees accessibility to art  and provides safe conditions to trigger a dialogue and foster creativity.

3. Metropolis challenges the inequalities within the art industry

4. Metropolis provides professional advice and support for emerging artists

5. Metropolis supports artists with external collaborations and opportunities

6. Metropolis is transparent regarding contracts, sales and percentage

7. Metropolis condemns the traditional power dynamics between artists and gallerists

Relations with artists

The gallery owner advises the artist she represents about how to develop and build their career; she offers support, provides external opportunities, develops a network and organises exhibitions .  In this way, the gallery owner improves the artist’s visibility, putting them in touch with professionals likely to contribute to their fame.

The gallery owner will never charge an artist a rental fee for its space in the gallery, for the purposes of presentation, exhibition or promotion.

The gallery owner develops communication tools in order to promote the artist and his works.

The gallery owner looks for the best terms of sale and investment conditions for the works of the artists she represents.

if the artist needs help with production, the gallery owner may offer technical or logistical support or specific financing.

Every transaction between the artists and the gallery is regulated by specific contracts on which terms they both agreed.

At the artist’s request, or if required due to the nature of the work, the work must be accompanied by a certificate. The certificate is a single, original document which accompanies the work and which cannot on any account be reproduced.

If the artist grants a mandate to the gallery to sell his works, the gallery acts as an intermediary in the sale. The gallery and the artist agree on the financial terms and conditions.

The gallery will pay the artist as soon as the work is sold.

This Code of Ethics is under constant review and we encourage everyone to help us improving it. Metropolis’ Code of Ethics can be dowloaded and adopted from everyone for free.

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