Sick World by Korvo and Mr. Blob

Urban Art Project @ Collina dei Ciliegi – Milan

Curated by Grafite HB Cultural Association in collaboration with Comune di Milano

Sick world is an example of Street Art as redevelopment. The intervention took place at the park Collina dei Ciliegi in the north outskirts of Milan. An area renowned for the presence of the Pirelli Industries which, in the early fifties, boosted the growth of the entire city. The park was built adjacent to the Pirelli Village, a conglomerate of Art Deco houses for Pirelli workers. Throughout the years the park was left in decay, hence the need to revitalise the place through art. Korvo and Mr. Blob, two of the finest emerging artists of the underground scene, realised a piece which addresses the issue of climate change. In the lower left corner, Korvo portraits the worst products of society such as: blind profit, video surveillance, pollution, trash tv, war, inequality and more. In the middle, Mr. Blob depicts a radioactive globe suspended in a polluted atmosphere. Alongside this sickness and despair, hope finds its way: a hand nurtured by nature itself it’s ready to catch the falling world and start the healing process. The whole artwork is an allegory of our contemporary situation, where the planet is dying due to humanity misbehaviour and it’s an invitation to change our bad habits now and let nature restore itself.

Participating Artists

Korvo – Mr. Blob – Mate – Kamilla

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