Lab Samples by Loris Dogana

I like to dissect the complexity of human relationships like an Analysis Laboratory reveals the components of a molecule. My work is a gallery of humanity collected in my Lab Samples

Loris Dogana a.k.a. Doctor Sunda presents his first solo show in the U.K. “Lab Samples”. The exhibition showcases his last series of work: In Vitro – Fantachess and Funny Little Tragedies.

With the In Vitro, the artist, pushes the metaphor of the Laboratory further. He prints his designs on the frame’s glass as well as on the background panel, creating tridimensional images that mimic the vision through the lab slides

Giraffes, penguins, dogs, lions become pawns in the world of Fanta-chess where the artist creates animal-like chess pieces and invents for each of them special moves. Being also a tattoo artist, Loris’ biggest dream is to tattoo all the pieces on different people and have them play in a surreal Fanta-match.

Surrealism is always a big component of Loris’ work. His illustrations are staged tragicomedies for objects performed by tiny humans. He is able to convey the finiteness of the human beings through his scenes that are as much shocking as ironic.

To know more about the artist and his poetic you can read his interview here.

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