Santa Ritya

RITYA was born in Taranto, a city in the South of Italy, also known as the “The City of the Two Seas.” The influence of the warm water of the Mediterranean Sea and the pastel tones of the southern terrain are felt in her work. 

RITYA is concerned with the curiosities of beauty and interest in the quotidian moments that impress a certain ineffable preciousness. These moments are crystalized by the stroke of her brush. Although she now lives in the urban landscape of Milan, her mind still dances with the waves of the South. Her primary medium is watercolour of course because, as she claims, she is still a mermaid. 

Somewhere in my memories and imaginations. Somewhere after the rain and over the rainbow, 2021
Il saluto dell’Agave ( Agave’s greeting), 2022
Il saluto dell’Agave ( Agave’s greeting), 2022
Memorie di un sogno, 2021
Guardami negli occhi, 2022
Wholeness, 2020
June field, 2020
Raffaella, 2021

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