Sumi-e (Japanese ink painting) workshop

22 September, 6.30 pm

Japanese ink painting, or sumi-e, is the embodiment of Japanese aesthetics. Using just simple black ink and carefully curated white space, sumi-e captures the timeless beauty and complexity of the natural world.

This way of painting was introduced into Japan by Zen monks and it then became rapidly successful because in this painting-method, as in Zen practice, reality is expressed by reducing it to its pure, bare form.

Sumi-e practice involves your whole body. It is not easy at all and working with an expert teacher is necessary. Artist Sara Aiello will guide you in this mindful 2 hours workshop to discover the ancient art of Sumi-e and create your own painting on rice paper.

All materials (ink, special brushes, cotton paper and rice paper), as well as learning cards that you will be able to take home to perfect your new skills, will be provided by Sara.

Book here! Tickets Limited

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